episode 1, 9pm, Tue Sep 26th, BBC2
OK, so they've promised us that this isn't going to be this year's Killer Net - but, just in case, here's a page where you can post any comments, technical inaccuracies, or expressions of wild-eyed incredulity if you need to. One tip: comments are listed chronologically (and we haven't implemented any threads yet), so if you can post them while you're watching the show, so much the better...
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Tue Sep 26 15:25:17 - posted by NTK
On screen: The trailer which has them looking at a guy on a webcam, whose face "rezzes up" from just a few big square anonymous pixels to a full hi-res image...
Comments: ...in exactly the way webcams don't

Tue Sep 26 18:44:23 - posted by Anon
On screen: Brief glimpse of TV Go Home on screen
Comments: Trying to curry favour, methinks. Perhaps to avoid copyright suit over highly innovative "spoof" TV listings on their site

Tue Sep 26 19:24:44 - posted by Thumper
On screen: a big old zip.... I live in Canada and can't see it
Comments: Where is this suposed web site that they set up for this show?

Tue Sep 26 20:47:23 - posted by Tom stuart
On screen: a tv programme featuring some cocks
Comments: the site's at www.seethru.co.uk. i can't wait to see how rubbish this is!

Tue Sep 26 21:01:29 - posted by NTK
On screen: Cuts between an inexplicably angry programmer and a copulating couple
Comments: It's a company of completely naked programmers!

Tue Sep 26 21:05:25 - posted by Martin
On screen: TVGoHome glimpse on screen!
Comments: I swear blind, TVGoHome while looking through the new design in the morning.

Tue Sep 26 21:09:39 - posted by NTK
On screen: The woman on the phone proposes a "wanker check" for job applicants
Comments: hey, if they don't check at this stage, they're never going to fit in!

Tue Sep 26 21:10:36 - posted by Anon
On screen: yeah, TVGoHome are working with them on the site
Comments: which is why the Queen Mother stuff on the site sounds a bit familiar

Tue Sep 26 21:12:47 - posted by Ogden
On screen: new website design completed
Comments: net startup, file transfer by throwing floppy disks across the office? purlease...

Tue Sep 26 21:13:44 - posted by G
On screen: They're having lunch with the investor
Comments: I lasted 10mins, now I'm going to boil my head in acid.

Tue Sep 26 21:14:36 - posted by NTK
On screen: Mike and Luce walk back to office
Comments: explaining vital details of how the company works - to each other!

Tue Sep 26 21:16:04 - posted by NTK
On screen: various applicants turn up for job interviews
Comments: and no-one mentions the "no trousers" policy!

Tue Sep 26 21:19:59 - posted by NTK
On screen: Scary old guy offers Luce her job back
Comments: What does she do? Is she commissiong editor for BBC2?

Tue Sep 26 21:20:56 - posted by Anon
On screen: Starting early - hot chix0r contest
Comments: Which one you fancying, guys?

Tue Sep 26 21:21:16 - posted by Ogden
On screen: photo of a dead cat scaring some bint
Comments: like they don't spend all day looking at photos of exploding mice and dead babies anyway.

Tue Sep 26 21:23:14 - posted by NTK
On screen: oh no, another "Cancerous Whore" email from my pals at my old job

Tue Sep 26 21:26:11 - posted by NTK
On screen: I got your IP from the header and tracerouted it back!
Comments: through one "Received" header!

Tue Sep 26 21:29:22 - posted by Hot chixOr contest
On screen: well, there's only been 2 so far
Comments: and is it me, or does the black guy seem to be doing a vocal impersonation of Frank Butcher from Eastenders? "C'mon Shirl, I need someone to act as sales manager for me old gaff"

Tue Sep 26 21:34:12 - posted by Ntk
On screen: the older woman is so desperate to work for a start-up that consists of 6 people that she fakes an interview with the other applicant
Comments: they're going to find out and say "you're incredibly devious and manipulative... - the job's yours!"

Tue Sep 26 21:40:33 - posted by Ntk
On screen: they've lost the whole site
Comments: can't they pull it out their cache? anyway, now there's a montage sequence of them frantically rebuilding the site - but where's the shot of Mr T firing up an oxy-acetylene welding torch?

Tue Sep 26 21:41:29 - posted by Martin
On screen: They've lost the whole site since Tuesday...
Comments: ...from when they have a backup on *floppy*. I'm not even going to start...

Tue Sep 26 21:42:52 - posted by Hot chix0r contest
On screen: I fancy Soph.

Tue Sep 26 21:45:38 - posted by Ntk
On screen: tense confrontation with money dude
Comments: "we've rebuilt the entire site overnight and you accuse *us* of unprofessionalism!"

Tue Sep 26 21:47:48 - posted by Martin
On screen: Wossisname collapsing in the toilet
Comments: Only concession is that he didn't spontaneously combust.

Tue Sep 26 21:48:12 - posted by Ogden
On screen: one venture capitalist about to die
Comments: dead suit? i may actually come to like this if it carries on in that particular vein

Tue Sep 26 21:49:35 - posted by Ntk
On screen: closing credits
Comments: next week: they're approached by Bob Mortimer!

Tue Sep 26 21:51:10 - posted by G
On screen: End Credits
Comments: Do you reckon the beeb did their research at boo.com?

Tue Sep 26 21:51:32 - posted by LMG
On screen: ended
Comments: seethru.co.uk revamp has gone live...

Tue Sep 26 21:53:42 - posted by Chris
On screen: "The Internet is great but, Jesus Christi, there's a load of crap out there"
Comments: -their website's got it right

Tue Sep 26 21:54:57 - posted by LMG
On screen: Their web site has got it wrong
Comments: Shame the links don't all work...

Tue Sep 26 21:57:08 - posted by Tom
On screen: the naked skater frantically types some CSS... only minutes later, he's moved onto: some more CSS...
Comments: ...does his entire job consist of writing stylesheets? he's so overqualified; he can.. traceroute the.. ip.. header from the, uh, the mail! can't remember cock size; must watch bbc choice rerun.

Tue Sep 26 21:58:37 - posted by Ntk
On screen: can't get half the seethru site to work
Comments: still, you got to remember: they were up all night working on this one!

Tue Sep 26 21:59:22 - posted by Tom
On screen: "there's an attachment!" 'no don't, you don't know...'
Comments: ...but, luckily, it's just one of those new-fangled audio-enabled jpegs. of a meowing cat. damn, that angry cockney "coder" is *good*...

Tue Sep 26 22:01:11 - posted by Ntk
On screen: tom, what you doing?
Comments: are you watching it again on tape? or are you in a different time zone?

Tue Sep 26 22:01:50 - posted by Anon
On screen: given that they spend so much time writing stylesheets...
Comments: ... why don't they bother _using_ them on the site? A {text-decoration: underline;} indeed...

Tue Sep 26 22:04:05 - posted by Tom
On screen: just going back through on tape...
Comments: ...to relive the *glory*. a different timezone? what, can't you... traceroute my ip?

Tue Sep 26 22:07:42 - posted by Tom
On screen: looking at the newly-updated seethru.co.uk site...
Comments: ...why do all these links on the front page consist of href="#"? is this like some hi-tech variant on the timeless "how do you keep an idiot amused" glued-shut birthday card? is this too revealing of their target audience?

Tue Sep 26 22:10:35 - posted by Skoob
On screen: techies playing quake
Comments: good! this is exactly how one should test a network... sadly, they have failed (in true BOFH style) to over specify their personal machines. as a result, their framerate is wank.

Tue Sep 26 22:11:11 - posted by Skoob
On screen: Laserjet 5 printing...
Comments: with the colour text coming out on top! En-aw, text is face down, and it should be b+w anyway. Null points.

Tue Sep 26 22:12:09 - posted by Skoob
On screen: The "team" are pulling an all-night, flying-to-australia style code binge. To get their site back!
Comments: Coding binge is being over-romanticized with lots of grinning as things work, furious typing from Brendan-the-geek, and Chemical Brothers music. Coding binges suck. This one looks quite cool.

Tue Sep 26 22:13:29 - posted by Skoob
On screen: Someone mentions the "root" directory...
Comments: Has anyone seen their server? Or the server room? They all look like they're running win98. It may be NT, but I doubt the BBC could afford that. There's not nearly enough UNIX there. Or Quake, they should play far more Quake! And also, whilst I'm at it, the room is far far far too tidy. It should be a tip.

Tue Sep 26 22:14:55 - posted by Skoob
On screen: They're getting things right!
Comments: Things that I thought were reasonably correct and thus worth a mild smile: generally apathy of geek to designer about fancy graphics - i hate stupid java and animated stuff. The phrase "Proper work - No pr0n, no games!"... hehe... that was it really. Basically, it was good fun, but so dumb. How many loftspaces ARE there in London? (And why isn't there a character called Nathan in it?)

Tue Sep 26 22:28:07 - posted by Tom
On screen: the web site...
Comments: ...aw, all the links are gradually coming live. it's like they're working on it right now... /just like in the show/!

Tue Sep 26 22:32:47 - posted by R
On screen: looking at the website...
Comments: is it meant to be shit and broken? is that the idea? cos its filled with links like: file:///C%7C/WINDOWS/Desktop/seethru/seethru.co.uk/music/index.htm. And why aren't they using something dynamic like asp if this is all content driven... huh

Tue Sep 26 22:41:02 - posted by R
On screen: nothing
Comments: how is this hypothetical company planning to make money. Nothing being sold on the site and no adverts...

Tue Sep 26 22:53:39 - posted by Porn please
On screen: its over
Comments: hee hee theres gonna be loads of shagging in this isn't there? I'll keep watching for Sophs "scene" (hopefully with Luce) and some hot CSS tips.

Tue Sep 26 23:10:57 - posted by Garbo
On screen: "Tracerouting" an IP address to find out it's physical location
Comments: Surely you'd just do a look up through the INTERNIC or RIPE registries???

Tue Sep 26 23:17:08 - posted by Tardis
On screen: All of it
Comments: who cares what you all think?

Tue Sep 26 23:22:08 - posted by Anon
On screen: lost their site and no backup
Comments: As they're all using windows why don't they buy a copy of Norton and undelete it? Or look in their cache? Oh, and frag the designer too..

Wed Sep 27 03:11:56 - posted by Intrigued
On screen: Unconfirmed rumour that NTK posse are 'working on' the Seethru site.
Comments: Obviously a vicious slander.

Wed Sep 27 09:16:38 - posted by PeteyPoos
On screen: Nothing - it's the next morning
Comments: Yeah, I fancy Soph too - but doesn't everyone on this show smoke a lot? Is this meant to show us how stressed-out the internet biz makes 'em?

Wed Sep 27 09:34:20 - posted by Apidya
On screen: Late nude coding (10 seconds in)
Comments: so, someone saw (read would be a bit presumptuous) 'the nudist on the late shift' and jumped to a wonderfully cliched conclusion. err, unless all coders do this and it's just me...

Wed Sep 27 09:52:12 - posted by Zenith
On screen: The possibly evil investment guy talks Mike into offering their new sales manager £45 K.
Comments: £45 thousand??!??!?!? No wonder they don't have any money left...

Wed Sep 27 10:22:04 - posted by Satch
On screen: the html programmer complains about being stressed over converting complex designs into code
Comments: the actors came to our office to "get a feel" for being in a design agency. that guy spoke to me. I was complaining about having to turn complex designs into code. feh.

Wed Sep 27 10:56:34 - posted by Dan
On screen: It wsn't that bad
Comments: Was it? Not as good as Cops, but a whole lot better than the first episode of This Life (Chemical Brothers are the new Portishead)

Wed Sep 27 10:57:26 - posted by PeteyPoos
On screen: Nothing-it's next day...
Comments: My wife (Mrs. PeteyPoos) says that the evil coder - the one who sent lovely chain-smoking lesbian Soph the threatening emails - looks like he's about 15% of the way through morphing into a werewolf or something. Still, I suppose coders have to be ugly bastards (cue sound of wife not disagreeing).

Wed Sep 27 11:16:34 - posted by Getafixx
On screen: The whole show
Comments: Jesus H Christ. What a bunch of Muppets. I just couldn't help but laugh, but I explained what was wrong with the techie side to my girlfriend and she told me that This Life was just as inaccurate (she is a lawyer).

Wed Sep 27 11:24:27 - posted by Hen
On screen: The whole goddam thing.
Comments: Found it strangely compelling, similar to the nihilistic voyerism you get from looking at the aftermath of a car accident. Felt slightly sick afterwards.

Wed Sep 27 11:32:19 - posted by Bored
On screen: A bit fat lovely office
Comments: Hello - startup? One character said "It's al gone" re: thwe money - I'm not surprised mate, since startups are run in wardrobes not massive presumably Clerkenwell offices with more floorspace per head than... well, in fact than *any net office I have ever worked in*

Wed Sep 27 12:10:11 - posted by Lunch
On screen: vc guy meeting
Comments: plainly not a real VC, as he's niether a McKinsey/Andersons monkeyboy, nor the son of a rich bastard. Someone looking like him would be investing in ostrich farms, not the internet

Wed Sep 27 12:26:21 - posted by The Artful Badger
On screen: A guy with what appears to be two sets of teeth and a lot of other characters from 'This Life'
Comments: Hidden Web cams in the toilets, and noone notices the wiring? Quake and not Unreal? No backup for days and no local copies of files? NO O'REILLY BOOKS!?! An under opinionated senior programmer?? Deleting from root on Unix w/o rm -i aliased to rm? Also who the hell would give a designer root access?

Wed Sep 27 13:11:29 - posted by Earle
On screen: "About Us" page on their site
Comments: Nobody talks like this. It reads like the blurb on the back of a crap paperback. Or part of the 'narrative' of a crap paperback.

Wed Sep 27 13:14:45 - posted by Lominski
On screen: Site I'm worried about
Comments: Broken Links a go-go http://www.seethru.co.uk/Templates/instantguides/02_record_industry.htm

Wed Sep 27 13:17:19 - posted by Earle
On screen: "Our Manifesto" in the "Drugs" section of their site
Comments: Quote: "The reason we have a drug section is simple: you can't get this information anywhere else." Oh puh-LEEZE...

Wed Sep 27 13:17:37 - posted by Joshi
On screen: a form asking me what's on my screen
Comments: i didn't see it but it's ok because it obviously sucked anyway. (FIRST POST!)

Wed Sep 27 13:21:17 - posted by Brokenkey
On screen: looking at their web site
Comments: and I see that gaylord maccandless and brooker are both listed

Wed Sep 27 13:21:30 - posted by Anonymous Coward
On screen: Natalie Portman, naked and petrified
Comments: Slathered in hot grits!

Wed Sep 27 13:25:32 - posted by Earle
On screen: Their site
Comments: If they're such noomeeja geezers, why do they do their pages with Dreamweaver, and use Ultimate Bulletin Board in their forums section?

Wed Sep 27 13:30:08 - posted by Ro
On screen: a tv program about people with no life, by people with no life, for people with no life
Comments: forget this, why not go down the pub and MEET PEOPLE or does that mean you might have to put trousers on

Wed Sep 27 13:40:27 - posted by Ade
On screen: I tracerouted it back. It's your IP!
Comments: He's the office hacker and he didn't recognise the IP of his colleague's machine until traceroute found it in erm...one hop?!

Wed Sep 27 13:44:41 - posted by The Artful Badger
On screen: A Web Site that could have been knocked out by 3 Sixth Formers and a "progressive" teacher
Comments: Tony Blair has more street cred than this bunch of wasters.

Wed Sep 27 13:46:24 - posted by Ade
On screen: "The Internet is great but, Jesus Christi, there's a load of crap..."
Comments: ...on TV.

Wed Sep 27 13:49:26 - posted by Ade
On screen: They're recreating the entire site after Jake deleted it
Comments: Did I imagine it or was Luce checking *hard copy printouts* of the web pages?

Wed Sep 27 13:58:10 - posted by Ade (I can't block it out, the horror, the horror...)
On screen: They need to recreate the site: "I'll do the graphics"; "I'll redo the content"; "I'll do the music!" says Mike
Comments: Christ, we almost forgot to put a Chemical Brothers CD on while we panic! Thanks A LOT for that, Mike, BIG help!

Wed Sep 27 14:02:59 - posted by Ade
On screen: Grauniad reviewer compares the programme to "Big Brother"...
Comments: ...Although unfortunately we don't get to evict one member of the cast each week. (Mike first, please!)

Wed Sep 27 14:09:52 - posted by Seethru..
On screen: drugs section is quite good
Comments: mojo jojo (is this form cained is is mozilla playingsillybuggers?)

Wed Sep 27 14:11:59 - posted by Steve lovell
On screen: end of show
Comments: why the fuck is everyone so anal about thios piece of entetainment? it's like you're all working in an internet office and know the office politics so well you're comparing it to your own lives or something. It's only like THIS LIFE, but with a bit less lawyer bollocks. Seems good to me.

Wed Sep 27 14:17:42 - posted by Mojo jojo
On screen: anal about it all
Comments: .. because it (assuming people watch it) will either change perceptions and stereotypes or reinforce them, affecting our rather active social lifes, imagine how anal producers would be about a program about TV productions... urk (maybe they'd actually make it acurrate or flatter as opposed to making cheap jokes and ridiculous cliches)

Wed Sep 27 14:35:22 - posted by James Teag
On screen: The whole show
Comments: Why were the coders Louis Theroux and Beavis (or is it Butthead - I don't know)? Everyone else = This Life rejects.

Wed Sep 27 14:49:52 - posted by Arp
On screen: Sophie's 'bit' on the website
Comments: "It's a hard fight - particularly when no one will put your fucking copy up - but revenge is a dish best enjoyed cold." - hang on, she's the 'editor'. She gets to decide which copy goes up, and which doesn't. That's her job. What is she moaning about?

Wed Sep 27 15:02:20 - posted by Dan
On screen: I'm off now
Comments: To try to find a site where lawyers bitch about factual inacuracies in This Life and cops moan about factual inacuracies in The Cops. Revenge of The Nerds anyone?

Wed Sep 27 15:20:41 - posted by A different G
Comments: Hmm maybe I should watch this show just to see what 'Soph' is like.. Bzzzzt!

Wed Sep 27 15:27:02 - posted by Steve Lovell
On screen: Ohh, get you, I'll scratch your eyes out!
Comments: Jesus wept, I touched a nerve did I? I just don;t see other web sites based around any other profession pulling apart any poxy two-bit shoe featuring their job. i mean, yeahm okay, there are glaring inaccuracies about the programme, and there are in any programme about pretty much anything. Just be grateful they're not using bleepy sound effects everytime they touch the keyboard and something moves on screen like in US films. And that images taken on low res basis aren't magically boosted up to broadcast quality at the touch of a key. Anyway, lighten up, and for your info, techies and web types don't have much of a bad reputation or sterotype anyway. Like designers (latent oine typing) I know the social and fun involved is far greater than that of their critics. Thanks.

Wed Sep 27 15:27:42 - posted by Hen
On screen: tits out
Comments: Just read Soph's "rant" about how internet porn is sad... but presumably sex on BBC2 at 9pm is perfectly OK. Sauce for the Goose... Interesting to see if "Soph" gets her tits out before the end of the series. Just for all those teenagers in Butthole, Ohio.

Wed Sep 27 15:55:57 - posted by Ade
On screen: Web designers
Comments: They're not real web designers, their haircuts are far too normal.

Wed Sep 27 16:13:11 - posted by Steve Lovell
On screen: fuck all
Comments: I really must learn to check for typing errors. Also, I think soph should get her tits out and also realise she's not pc's get me an Apa lesbian at all, but actually wants to do every man on the piss poor pc keyboards whilst screaming ; fuck me and fuck ple mac' Or something

Wed Sep 27 16:13:39 - posted by Mojo jojo
On screen: it will be wothwhile if...
Comments: some marketing/client gets the put down and utter tearing apart we all fantasize about, how about one of the characters points out how incredibly stupid a marketing or pr bunny is and verbally assaults them and beats them to a bleeding pulp with a rolled up copy of their bullshit spec's?

Wed Sep 27 16:17:19 - posted by Steve Lovell
On screen: fuck all
Comments: I really must learn to check for typing errors. Also, I think soph should get her tits out and also realise she's not really a lesbian and decides she actually wants to do every man on the piss poor pc keyboards whilst screaming ; fuck me and fuck pc's get me a hard cock an Apple mac' Or something

Wed Sep 27 16:18:07 - posted by Ginjah
On screen: Re: Brief glimpse of TV Go Home on screen
Comments: Charlie Brooker listed as f/lance writer on seethru.co.uk>about us

Wed Sep 27 16:24:54 - posted by Il Duce
On screen: HTML on-screen
Comments: yeah, right, of course that's HTML

Wed Sep 27 16:48:26 - posted by Hen
On screen: Re: Brief glimpse of TV Go Home on screen
Comments: no wonder it is shit.

Wed Sep 27 16:57:59 - posted by STEVE THE CRAP TYPIST
On screen: TGH is very cool actually.
Comments: Hey, TV Go Home is just about one of THE most funny web sites going, so be nice to it. It's almost as funny as Chris Morris. Who is God.

Wed Sep 27 17:19:04 - posted by Anon
On screen: ntk help write seethru
Comments: ntk can slag off attachments all they like but as they are on the writing team for seethru.co.uk it all seems a little hypocritical

Wed Sep 27 18:32:22 - posted by Mojo jojo
On screen: seethru/freelance writers
Comments: the site is as okay as you can expect after being filtered thru 'producers' 'copyrighters' and all the other people who's task it is to make the world bland and reinforce cliches and sterotypes, it looks like most of the production team has entirely ignore the real shoreditch new media world and just made up its own based on out of date stereotypes and cliches - you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink

Wed Sep 27 19:49:59 - posted by Hen
On screen: Re: TGH is very cool actually
Comments: No, itís shit! Can we change this message board to everyone hates TVGoHome.

Wed Sep 27 22:45:03 - posted by Charlie Brooker
On screen: Someone called Hen is anally masturbating with a wooden spoon
Comments: Yeah, Hen, let's. Come on you fuck. Come on.

Thu Sep 28 09:35:42 - posted by Senior Programmer
On screen: programming
Comments: He spends all his time working on a style sheet. What happened to asp, javascript etc

Thu Sep 28 09:50:56 - posted by Rilux
On screen: Fast coding a website in MS Word
Comments: Wouldn't using a web authoring tool be better ?

Thu Sep 28 09:52:52 - posted by Rilux
On screen: Taking an O'Reilly book from a shelf
Comments: Look ! We've included an O'Reilly book in our program, we must know what we are doing !

Thu Sep 28 10:09:15 - posted by Ntk
On screen: yvonne's job interview
Comments: got to admit, I was watching the repeat on BBC Choice and really quite enjoyed it. My favourite scene is now Yvonne's job interview, during which: a) Mike takes down a poster of Carrie saying "Babe of the week", even though Yvonne at this stage has no idea what Carrie looks like; b) Yvonne reveals she left her last job because she was "fed up with people being rewarded on the strength of their blow-jobs" - Mike is mightily amused by this, implicitly agreeing - "Yeah, it's not the strength of the blow-jobs - it's the *quality*!"; and c) the whole kerfuffle about losing the CVs, suggesting that the seethru lot asked job applicants to prove how net-savvy they were by posting in their CVs in *hard-copy format*! can't wait for next week!

Thu Sep 28 10:28:33 - posted by Wooden spoon
On screen: Hard-copy CVs etc
Comments: Time to stop this pedantic wankery now, NTK, it's sad and it doesn't become you.

Thu Sep 28 10:57:58 - posted by Ntk
On screen: hard-copy CVs etc
Comments: hey, we *built* our website on pedantic wankery! (and frankly, don't get me started. I'm only beginning to enjoy spotting the occasions when the David McCandless tunes appear on the soundtrack, and the characters say stuff like "hey, this band is really *kicking*! what's their name? etc")

Thu Sep 28 11:20:51 - posted by Anon
On screen: mccandless tunes
Comments: Yeah, you're right. What's going on? Check the show out then check "David Music" on the site... woah! It's the same. And he's technical advisor or whatever? (He must have suggested the 'I've spent three days trying to make the page load in under 20k' line and the 'here's the designs on a floppy disc' scenarios). Anyone else think that David Mccandless sounds like geezer out of Level 42?

Thu Sep 28 11:23:09 - posted by Wooden spoon
On screen: pedantic wankery
Comments: Yes, but your site is funny and clever - this just seems to be an affiliate marketing scheme for you and your mates at TVgohome and their mates at BBC2.

Thu Sep 28 11:51:02 - posted by TvGoHomeGoHome
On screen: chicken arse violation with a big wooden spoon
Comments: no doubt whilst being surrounded by screaming one legged pigmies dressed as policemen or some toss like that. Oh and fuck you too Charlie fucking Brooker

Thu Sep 28 13:23:58 - posted by Cfishb
Comments: So the beeb has started to condone the use and download of MP3z and Napster huh - Sonys' Lawyers'll be pleased!

Thu Sep 28 14:21:25 - posted by McCandless
On screen: my music playing
Comments: Hey. Most criticism I can take but please don't say I sound like the guy from Level 42

Fri Sep 29 00:26:26 - posted by James
On screen: Brief glimpse of TV Go Home on screen
Comments: ...because the Nathan-Barley-esque twat who writes it is involved with the REAL LIFE running of the website, along with Lord Paul Lakin, ex of early '90s Zero magazine.

Fri Sep 29 02:40:07 - posted by Charlie Brooker
On screen: A Nathan Barley-esque twat
Comments: Er...

Fri Sep 29 09:36:26 - posted by Darkstar
On screen: eha - Ha ha!
Comments: love this pedantry, shurely what ntk and the internet (sic) is for? - what's with those IP numbers on their bulletin board. I'd say the exterior shots of the office are filmed in Camden...

Fri Sep 29 10:15:50 - posted by Area 51
On screen: Brief glimpse of TV Go Home on screen
Comments: Shoreditch twat conspiracy is what it is.

Fri Sep 29 20:07:43 - posted by Anon
On screen: Nothing, I think it's Ground Force at the moment
Comments: hehe... http://pedantic-wankery.tycoon-games.com/

Sat Sep 30 13:12:51 - posted by Newtest
On screen: blah

Sat Sep 30 13:13:46 - posted by T2
On screen: hjsdhf
Comments: jkkjsdf

Fri Oct 13 15:39:55 - posted by Shanksie
On screen: Is the message board about Andromeda now?
Comments: What a load of sh*te.

Tue Nov 07 21:13:07 - posted by Duder
On screen: usual toss
Comments: is this live?

Thu Nov 16 10:45:43 - posted by Kate
On screen: Loads of talented actors are making me laugh out loud every Tuesday night,!!!!!!!
Comments: I love Attachments I only watched it be accident but its the best new drama I've seen this year, everyone should watch it!!!!!!!!